Some people say they have the knowledge for successful installations. We actully make it happen, and have customers, project managers, and Builders to prove it.



We're a highly respected tile contractor / tile installer helping our clients with their most complex challenges and build tailored solutions to help achieve perfection in their projects.

We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus and offer:

Custom Inlay

Material Sealers

Penetrating or Enhancing Sealers

Anti-Fracture Membranes

Water-Proofing Sealers

Corrective Mud Work and Floating

Expansion Joints

Custom On-Site Bull Nosing

And have created beautiful Custom Showers with Seats, Back Splash's, Countertops, Wainscoting, Custom Wall Niches, and Hide-A-Way Doors.​



Michael Germany Tile Co. is a different type of tile contractor/tile installer. We are the best craftsmen and offer our unique expertise.


Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time we're focusing on the look you want to achieve. There is always a solution.


We design with Marble, Travertine, Stone, Porcelain, Mosaic, Slate, Saltillo, Quarry, Ceramic Tile, Glass Block, and Brick Pavers.


There are so many new materials that have come out like:


  • Wood Plank Porcelain Tile which is a great alternative solution for anyone that wants the look of wood floors but wants or needs the durability of stone or tile.

  • Manufactured Stone Cut Stacks that will give you the organic stone texture in a wide variety of colors for designing Fire Places, Range Hoods, Walls, and even Tub or Showers.

  • New Natural Stone and Marble quarries have been discovered offer that clean, modern and elegant look.

  •  Decorative Mosaic tile made from New Glass, Stone, or Bronze Metal.

  •  Glazed Porcelain Wall tile that has the appearance of Real Stone, and Travertine that looks like Natural Stone because it has different color tones and unique patterns that you would normally find naturally. 



Our extensive knowledge focuses on our clients' most critical concerns in the details of a project and the development stages.


We bring the finest in craftsmanship but are known for our fun approach to tile work. We love what we do, and we love bringing our success to our clients.


We can guide you thru your project and offer a tile installation that is "Magazine" picture perfect.


And don't forget about your Exterior Patios, Terraces, Pools, Fountains, and Driveways too.



“I hope you can get an easier day of work to recuperate from my disastrous room! Have a good day & let me know when you want to do the other room. I appreciate your quick action to my distress! Thank you Somuch!”

Sheri, Lubbock, TX

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